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Manufacture Planters With you Logo !

Manufacture Planters With you Logo !

We will manufacture pots with our customers brand logo with a minimum bulk order quantity. This will help our importers to build their own brand in their market. We also provide value added service like color & packaging customisation. Source from our 200+ product range to be a leading supplier in your market.

Why Plastic Pots?.

Plastic we use are 100% recyclable and the technologies we use to manufacture them ensures them are environmental friendly. Plastic allows us to supply efficient & cost effective planters.s

Akross industries being a manufacturer and exporter of plastic flower pots always gives importance to quality. We are keen on providing faster order processing time for our customers. Being a responsible exporter akross industries gives importance to proper documentation so our importers can easily clear their shipments.

What all plant pots do we manufacture?

We have  200 + designs for our importers to choose from. We also facilitate custom design manufacturing for our customers with the given bulk minimum order quantity. Source from us and be a leading suplier in your market for garden pots, seedling pots, nursery pots, grower pots, tree pots, indoor pots, flower pots, hanging pots

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